Ultrakonservativ Schlagerparade by Kraschau

The harsh noise fundaments, distorted spoken word vocals overlaid with bombastic neoclassical melodies and a huge number of obscure historical and other samples reflecting to the project’s fascination for the Old Europe of the ancient merits and true pride and various christian, mystical and conservative movements of the 20th century which kept it’s flame alive


Barbarossa Umtrunk – Devchirmé : Le Tribut Du Sang

This album of Barbarossa Umtrunk deserve an hymn dedicated to them with 72 minutes of Balkanik/Turkish Ottoman Martial and ritual music based upon Janissaries elitist troopers from the past, spiritual chivalry (Futuwah), Albania, Shia Gnosis, Alevi/Qilzibah gnostic sects and Anatolian Sufism with mystical lyrics